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mine gone, 1997, melanoma.

i felt solid matter, organs in tummy, square, bedside. 30 year senior
the kindest person who would appreciate and assist me as ever. same career type.

his death, first known, let me easily accept all friends' & parents' loss later. all funerals.

view of humankind: a threat, everyone. their purpose is only to ensure i suffer. i get nothing. not allowed anything. born satan? all negative. many aspects as asterisk... any hate default, spreading that worldwide. one micron reason to hate... making me the target of hate. a 2nd person hates because the 1st did
infinite time, any place, any look

nothing positive ever. roots of all. one tiniest thing wrong makes every judgement grows like cancer. atomic fusion bomb. human mind base. all shared instantly. all =. no human tolerated different from anyone else. flesh mountain. one cell this planet. human=human. UH! again. more

1 birth only per family. mathematically resolved. no need kill a sibling. just
no other child. distill the mass. one each! actually limit more! limit per country! or region. onlyroyal family? no peasants allowed create human flesh! neuter all.
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