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I realized I never really introduced myself before...

Hello everyone,
as the title says even though I've been a member for a little over a year I just realized I never properly introduced myself on here. I didn't know much about how forums worked back then haha.
So my name is Eleonora and I'm Italian, I'm 28 right now (was 27 when I joined the forum) and even though I'm not the most active member on here I enjoy being on the forum a lot.
I don't suffer from social anxiety (even though I had it pretty badly during my first years of uni, to the point that I wouldn't talk to anyone and would try avoid human contact as much as possible), however I am here for the secondary disorders (I have been diagnosed with somatization anxiety so I can relate to people who have any kind of anxiety really). I am currently medicated as I've been in treatment with a psychiatrist/neurologist for almost a year but haven't seen much improvement. I am currently waiting to start therapy in September so that's going to be another challenge but it's my last resort.

My goal for the future on the forum is to become more of a helping hand/lending ear to people in need.

Sorry for wasting everyone's time with this useless introduction lol.

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