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Weeks of feeling worse than I ever have

I'm in my mid 20s and throughout all of my life albeit with some bumps on the road I was still able to relax, calm the **** down and just enjoy a TV series or some sports event. Now, since I've quit phenibut (was using it on and off in the recent year or so) even though quite considerate amount of time has already passed I can't reach that same baseline level (which even then I considered a pretty ****ty place and was working on improving it) even while being prescribed clonazepam! My intentions are to be cheerful and uplifting and I do have a extroverted personality hiding behind this crap, but when you feel these gloomy clouds most of the day and basically feel like crying you almost lose control of your personality.
Now at this very moment I have some really important things to arrange but instead I'm avoiding them like a plague, lurking there feeling miserable and drinking vodka cocktail as clonazepam alone even in higher dosages doesn't seem to be cutting it.

But the most frustrating part is that despite all of my progress and developing coping techniques during the years dealing with anxiety and depression currently it seems that it's at its worst.
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