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∂ea∂ âlies. as ćime âlies

some things gone. car batteries. 2 cars sold. 1 to scrap. 2 OK cars

brown oven. replaced
bathroom was old. green carpet. all B&W tiled floor & walls!
by girlfriend and her brother

oldest freezer from 1980s at school with parents. still works!
chair here died, got one from eBay. long drive collect
no microwave when bought home 2001. so got good one. old. still works. laundry washer with dryer too

fridge lasted with one hinge, then last hinge died. OK door hingeless!
replaced with tiny fridge. newest here.

i the longestlasting resident to this leasehold plot!!! newbies come and go quick! in, out! every apartment gets drilled, smashed to dust, bare NEXT, NEXT, NEXT ! torture noise. i live on a construction site i regret
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