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Originally Posted by versikk View Post

Being responsible for your pain? what does this mean?

It means accepting blame. This is one of the things I struggled with the most when I was learning how to manage my depression. As a matter of fact Iím starting to believe that taking responsibility for your life, problems, ect, should be the first step in overcoming all depression.

It all has to do with eliminating a victim mentality and letting go of what we canít control.

For example at the moment Iím writing this Iím feeling very lonely and I can feel the emotions starting to kick in. This is a great opportunity to exercise this:

Why do I deserve to be lonely?
ēBecause Iím a coward
ēBecause Iím not at peace with who I am
ēBecause I let my fear control me
ēBecause I havenít learned how to overcome certain issues

(When you do this exercise you have to do it in a self loving way)

In other words itís my fault and I really have no other choice but to fix this myself.

Idk what it is about accepting blame but it does an amazing job of putting you in control of your problems while at the same time absolving you from having to grief/express your emotions and going into these very dangerous ďtantrumsĒ.

Taking responsibility is very powerful stuff.

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Live for the progress that you've made.
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