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Originally Posted by versikk View Post
ImO I think that is a good strategy. I can't think of anything better really.

Some people might request specific treatment/behaviour tho, to have their anxiety dispelled. But I think this is a good "generic" strategy.
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Thanks for affirming what I think is a better way to deal with friend or girlfriend. Her story was not about needing therapy. ( I believe she has a therapist) Hearing what she said made me think poorly of the boyfriend. He wasn't there. I kept it to myself. As his desire to not deal with an upsetting time with a person he allegedly cared about seemed selfish and lacked compassion.

Though I have no intentions toward her, I wanted to explain what I think a boyfriend should do. Having SA means I have had 2 girlfriends the last was 10 years ago.

A good generic strategy to deal with a reaction is right on the nose Thank you for taking the time to answer.
Now back to year 11 of no relationships of any kind.
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