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It's not easy being evil when you're not rich, I would know. I'm more of a Sephiroth villain than a Shinra villain though. I mean you know, if Sephiroth was also very physically weak and just an angry person who read a lot of stuff. My hair also isn't that fabulous and I could never be bothered maintaining that style, but it could be - and that's what counts.

1 in 5 business leaders are psychopaths (similar rate to the prison population apparently lmfao.)

Also because I just posted this in another thread:

(not a business man exactly, but fits into the capitalist psychopath trope nicely.)

Also Steve Jobs specifically was kind of an *******. Probably no point continuing to list people though.

Don't worry there are lots of negative tropes about poor people too. You can chill.

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Kick down the door
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Everybody is dead in this house

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