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The trope is there for a reason.. it's true.

It's something that comes up with my business a lot (I'm really struggling at the moment) and it also relates to my social anxiety as well.

People say to me all the time "Don't worry! It's just business" as though that is supposed to help but I look at the world and see how ****ed up it is, because it's full of people that hold this ideology.

As a collective we have lost our sense of purpose. It's all about manipulation in the pursuit of individual gain but we humans are "smart" enough to delude ourselves otherwise. Advertising these days no longer sells on the merits of the product itself. It is all about the warm and fuzzing feeling and sense of belonging to something... but it's all bull$h1t. "It's just business." As though buying a specific brand of product is going to make the world a better place! Yet as a collective we lap it up like the bunch of morons that we are. It pays the bills and if we work hard enough at it, we might be able to afford a fancy car and nice house that in turns provides us with a sense of success, purpose and validation.

****ing blissful stuff!
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