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I think it's easy to hate the guy who has everything. A good number of us just seem instinctively want to punish and persecute the rich with invented suspicions and poor reasoning. I don't think that's good.

on the other hand,

This has me dwelling on my most car-buying experience and how the process at one place was like this degrading psychological warfare all the way out the door. It's not enough to sell you a car, they gotta try and wring you dry even if you don't have very deep pockets and then make you feel like a loser when they don't succeed. You're not a person, you're a sale. "Nothing personal, just business." That's the extent to which I can experience this quote in reality, but I feel like that's the way it is in this world most of the time. You can either play that game and be good at it, or walk out on the fringes resenting it.
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