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Yes your 100% right. "He who DGAF will conquer the world" the problem is that its almost impossible to not give a ****. There are moments in life where you genuinely DGAF and it's during these moments that you come to the realization that not caring is the key to freedom. But these moments are rare and they're very temporary. All you get is a little glimpse of what it feels like to be truly free before you have to go back into your little box and continue being a slave to the judgement of those around you.

The thing is your ****ed either way when your pain becomes triggered. Either you engage with the pain/suffering and amplify it or you don't engage with it and still suffer because your not addressing the flash flood of emotions that comes with this pain. The question then becomes how can you address the negative emotions while at the same time preserving your emotional state?

One potential solution might be to take responsibility for your pain. A great way to do this is by just simply asking yourself, "why do I deserve to suffer?" Maybe by taking responsibility for your own suffering you'll be able to cancel out the pain. Try it.

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