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The ONLY Way to Cope with Life is to DGAF


the only way to cope with all the hellish aspects of being human is to just not give a single fcvk. actually, some care should be taken; a certain balance need to be struck between "DGAF" and "mildly concerned". I finally understand the meaning of "dont care" finger tattoos.

it's like: "i'm fcvking tired of giving a shxt. i'm out. i'll put on my mask of mild concern but in my mind i'm taking a dump on you"

reminds me of: when people say they don't give a fcvk, or they don't care, it means they are sick and tired of being sick and tired and they want out of the game. it usually doesn't mean that the person has been successful in disregarding all the ills of the world (people who don't care wouldn't even bother to inform anyone that they don't care - cos they don't care).

i still believe that people have good in them, yes, they do. but mostly, they're horrible.

most people hate me (i mean it - you wouldn't like the real me) and i dislike most people, some i'm neutral towards, some i trick myself into liking because i can't cope with reality (i need social stimuli), and a select few i'm prepared to like to some extent.

oh by the way - this coping thing is valid for any kind of pain it's just that what triggered me now was specific people's behavior.

kinda goes without saying really if you think about it.... just stop caring about an issue and it's no longer an issue.

this dog doesn't have a problem with the fire. the fire will engulf the dog and kill it, but does it matter? no, because the dog doesn't fcvking care anymore. as the Tao teaches; relax into the chaos. the problem isn't the experience of suffering, it's the reluctance towards the suffering. fighting suffering, is suffering.

i probably have some kind of derealisation because i'm not fully knowing that i'm writing this post or even feeling these feelings but there you go. (maybe i am fully conscious i really don't know)
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