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I got a regular old full license. How it works round here, you usually have to take a written test, then an actual driving test, then another one. I passed the written test, then the working one, then the next, all on the first try, I guess I'm just good or maybe too absorbed. My sister failed each of the first two at least five times each. I'm actually so damn old I can be a test driver for kids 16 and up. After 25 I can drive with any random folks and make sure they are on the right track without any making sure. I'm an everyday driver and it seems strange for me for folks to be regulating it or worrying about it. You about got to do it, cause public transit is pretty well nonexistent here. My niece is hitting driving age right about now and I will probably have to give her lessons. Not hard to drive, also not hard to drive well. It's quite easy to follow the rules and it works, what do you know.
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