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It's kind of weird when I actually think about it: driving is one of the few things that doesn't really give me anxiety. I don't care about other people while I'm driving as long as they're not in my car, and thankfully I don't drive with others often. I actually rather like driving alone, as long as there's not too much traffic. It's relaxing.

That said, people who go way too fast are a pet peeve of mine. Ever since I got a ticket for speeding a few years ago, when I didn't realize how fast I was going down a hill in a residential area, I've been paranoid about my speed. Not necessarily because of the law itself but because I can't stand wasting that much money. I'm no slowpoke, but I won't go more than a few MPH over the speed limit -- yet I'm constantly getting passed by people who go way too fast. Like, I get that everyone is pressed for time or just wants to get where they're going ASAP, but that's no excuse for breaking the law. At least they'll be getting the expensive tickets -- not me!

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