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So many reasons they didn't exist

none of my fault

medical, speed for best reasons, not exceeding, to sensibly match others' speed to avoid collision, in a reduced 50mph construction area, signs blowing over despite sandbag support, just a fee

NO Parking fees!

intoxication under command to swallow as scripted

colliding with a vehicle which didn't indicate their intended movement

a passenger opening a door for air space to smoke
contacting a police vehicle

ban time reduced by months as attending a alco teaching intoxication lesson (images of death), how long alco remains in blood...

driving with expired licence, so car snatched away, live! reason: turbulent anxiety of deep experience.. laws: right to continue until an incident occurs caused by driver, not other party. anxiety of scrutiny impending.

latest episode of many years of submitting licence at will during personal rehab period after hospital discharge. including other patients' advice of stroke (me not suffer that, related condition (temp) told: carry on
all learnt. only 5 years of this fresh 2018 licence. as all my recovery(Expert) being unemployment, no partner... all improvement physical & medical proving worth health
all aspects of life demanding GP & Neurology review.. sturdily robust me 100% any further accusation or doubt they may suffer

having a second car as backup wreaking havok. both individually different +/- attributes each. when commission/decommission or simultaneously..???

life paranoia incurred.. waking to stare out window... anyone just remove the car, disappeared... without consent for perplexing medical conditions unfair never happened (passively, loss) until one day stopped live... very close to ignore their hand gesturing... keep going to destination
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