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New Here.. Slight Rant

So I guess I have this thing called social anxiety because things that I read here resonate with me.
Lately, I've been hiding in the bathroom during my train ride to work...

I feel awful sometimes throughout my day because I have multiple people who see me around and want to get to know me. They are always strategically positioning themselves where they know I have to walk past in order to have a "chance encounter" with me.

It starts with my (attractive) neighbour whom I share a walkway access with. She is always sitting outside trying to catch me on my way out to grab the bus. Recently, she chased me on my way out the door calling my name over and over when I was wearing headphones going to work out to ask a silly question... seems I can't escape her so I just make sure to keep busy with work and working out, then maybe movies, food or a beer after working out. I hate that I can't simply relax around my own house and go in and out as I please, without an audience.

On public transit, at my workplace, etc. I constantly get unwanted attention, people trying to get into my personal space hoping that I acknowledge their presence. Or doing this thing I call "voice projection" where they talk super loudly on their phone hoping that you pay them attention. Or they sit in a seat where they have a direct-line to look at your face. Which I can't stand. Go sit somewhere else, there are 40 other empty seats in this train car!

I dunno. I just wear my headphones and try to mind my own business and work on my goals. I'm not interested in talking to anyone. I am a DOER not a talker! And I don't have time in my day between working out, work, cooking, commuting 2 hours, etc to be stopping and chatting with everyone! I just want to be left alone, not watched and not spoken to.

- extroverted introvert
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