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Originally Posted by andy1984 View Post
the random nature of lottery is not right. distributive ethics would mandate money should be given to some people rather than others. this is like a voluntary tax to an arbitrary government which gives aid to people regardless of their position in life, entirely randomly. who would tolerate such a government? just because the transaction is small relative to your other transactions doesn't make it not wrong. ethics/fairness brings us from the random/arbitrary state of nature towards a reasoned state of merit/reward/...

this is sharing money within the first world. you live in US or wherever, and this amount of money is easily disposable. no one in the 3rd world is going to buy a lotto ticket.

anyway, obviously this is the smallest expenditure you could worry about, it is relatively inconsequential. but imo its wrong in principal. especially if you scale it up, buy 100 tickets, 1000 tickets. how good is it then? what a waste!

but also its recently been proven that i can't relate to the middle class so idk middle class people should do whatever they do.
How do you share money with the 3rd world countries?

It's less about sharing the money and the feeling of guilt than working with causes of problems which could actually make those things change.

Yes, lotteries are not that ethical. But it's super nitpicky to say that the buyer of a lottery ticket should worry about it and feel guilty if they're middle class (?). I don't understand what's the difference between a working class and a middle class person who buys a lottery ticket in terms of guilt for the whole thing. If someone hopes to win a lottery that means they need money for some reason. Yeah, it's a waste of money and it's irrational, but it's this particular person's problem and it doesn't affect other people and they should figure it out by themselves some day. Maybe you should better think people who organize these lotteries should worry about the ethics.

This whole guilt thing reminds me of this picture:

Although maybe this picture is endorsing even more feeling of guilt, but the point of it is that nobody's really doing something that could change it or thinking about the real problem presented in this picture. In any case, unhealthy guilt is bad and unhealthy unless it's something you feel for a short time and that makes you act to change things to not feel guilty about it anymore. And in case with the poster this guilt comes from this general feeling of guilt he probably has.
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