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I'm not trying to humble-brag. I got financial problems just like everyone else. I've been unemployed for the good part of the year.

This is exactly the type of thing that gives me paranoia in the first place. People tend to look at ppl in my position and assume that everything must be perfect financially. That is the kind of thinking that makes me wish I could sign a contract with lottery to not disclose my name if I ever win. People love to judge.

Man I tell you, there are "small business owners" *wink wink* who make a lot more money than "professionals" ...because everyone 'assumes' that they are they keep getting gov't grants and assistance all whilst maintaining a fascade of "small scale"

But when you go to the local pick-up site you would be surprised who buys the most expensive items ain't the Doctor and the Lawyers. Quite often the person who comes to pick up the big flatscreen Tv is a guy who supposedly owns a small garage, always dressed in fatigues.

What you don't know is that, the guy with the "small garage" also owns some apartments for rent, a farm, a fishing boat and a "small rental company" ...all off the books...likely tax free.
Recently I have really opened up my eyes to the bullsh!! games that people play and how the idea of economic class isn't nearly as cut and dry as we are led to believe. Plenty people live double lives.

I once met an EMT worker, who was trying to sell me a vehicle. This supposed "just an EMT" is also a part time plumber, mechanic, and taxi driver. He had at least 3 different vehicles for sale all brand new...and a fourth one coming. But his only taxable income is that of an EMT worker.

So whilst he technically... earns less than me... his real monthly income is at least twice mine.

So before you say that I just don't appreciate a good hustler. I can never hustle the way he does, because my job requires me to be on duty 24/7. My one job is taxable. So to the average bystander I am the guy in the I must be richer

So if the EMT wins the lottery he will no doubt talk about "struggling on the small EMT salary" and everyone will buy his BS.

If I win the lottery everyone will say I'm a bigshot who doesn't need it
I have to wear a suit because of my doesn't make me the richest man in the room...
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