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Originally Posted by Crisigv View Post
As far as I know, the middle class always gets taken advantage of with taxes and stuff. We don't get government help and we aren't rich. Don't feel guilty.
Ha Ha. The middle class is like purgatory. It's easier for a poor person to catch a lucky break and shoot up into the upper class...than for someone middle-class to become upper class through genuine hard work.

Our salary isn't low enough to be tax free...yet it isn't so high that the tax is negligible. It's just within that range where the tax feels like chopping one leg off.

I shouldn't feel guilty about it. But everytime I fantasize about using a lotto prize to finance my wedding, buy a new car, buy a house or to further my studies ...the feeling of "I am taking money from ppl who need it" or "I don't deserve it" crosses my mind
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