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Originally Posted by SplendidBob View Post
Well that's the same in the UK or US tbh afaik. Nobody really gives men much slack w.r.t. anxiety and it will be seen by the majority as weakness.

Ignore brothers /family as much as possible, imo (which is a pretty good piece of advice for you, from what you have posted about your family before). I wouldn't even bother to argue your case, it will just create resistance (you won't change those beliefs). Accept that it isn't weakness and do what you can.
Thanks man. I'm quite conservative myself but one of the things I do side with liberals on is how toxic the phrase "be a man/man up" can be.

Never show weakness, never admit to being tired, never admit to feeling overwhelmed.

This sort of thing drives male, suicide, schizophrenia and other violent acts.. least I can vent off here in this forum without my manhood being questioned

They even used the "because you are a health professional" line on me. As if to say Doctors & nurses run on energizer batteries and we never get tired.
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