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My brothers are trying to break me

I come from a Society where SA or any other mental condition is equivalent to "weakness in a man"....apart from the actual psychiatrists and their staff there is virtually NO outward societal support, not even from Doctors of other specialties. For women yes. A woman can get depressed, have anxiety, the works ...but not a man.

So....whenever I take a break from being main caregiver to my parents, my brothers reign down fire on me. Even if I am gone for just ONE day its just a litany of "you dont care enough" and "how dare you abandon your parents" and "you must tell us when and where you are"

Even when I tell them directly "you guys are stressing me out" "why cant you just let me have one day without calling me 500x" they just fire back with : be a man, all men have stress, deal with it, you must never complain, stop being weak etc etc.

We have had this argument back n forth multiple times...they refuse to understand .
The worst part is...Im beginning to wonder if this the time my parents die...if my brothers wud say I was never there for them !

I mean seriously the 4 months I was unemployed I was LIVING with my parents 24/7 helping them with everything!

The first thing I did when I got my job was give half my salary to my parents. If they call me at work for an emergency, I drop everything and leave work !

So if I then decide to spend one weekend with my fiancee why do they have to be up my colon about it !
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