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Originally Posted by I_Exist View Post
I've met a lot of people in my life, who seem to think they got the 'answers' for me. It's not my fault that the answers they give is impracticable to my living situations. They get upset when they can't change me into what they think I should be. Once they realize they can't change me then they stop being my friend.

Frankly the Churches and Counselors around here were not very good to me. Which is why I often end up talking about this stuff online. Even though I know from experience that the Internet forums aren't very good, it's my only option.
I understand. I tried pastoral counseling twice, it was awful. I know it was helpful for some of my church friends but definitely not helpful for me. The only people who were helpful for me was a Christian lady at my church who actually had her MFT license and at another church I took an anxiety/stress workshop-support group run by a Christian man who was a Psychologist. See what other churches in your area have to offer. Try out different counselors. It's like trying to find the right doctor, some are bad, some are great.
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