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Originally Posted by lilyamongthorns View Post
I simply avoid certain online communities or I use the block button. In my offline life, I only open up to a small group of people. They usually just pray for me and do not judge. Certain struggles other believers will not understand unless they've been there themselves. I know who I can take my problems to and who I cannot. For example, with anxiety, I know I can go to a therapist or a Christian mentor who has a ministry that deals with anxiety. I know most Christians are not equipped or understand enough to handle this problem. I tell my trusted friends to pray and then I seek help from those who have the knowledge to treat the condition.
I've met a lot of people in my life, who seem to think they got the 'answers' for me. It's not my fault that the answers they give is impracticable to my living situations. They get upset when they can't change me into what they think I should be. Once they realize they can't change me then they stop being my friend.

Frankly the Churches and Counselors around here were not very good to me. Which is why I often end up talking about this stuff online. Even though I know from experience that the Internet forums aren't very good, it's my only option.
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