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Hello, I'm Alex. I've always had a disconnect when it comes to making friends. I've had a few, but I never understood how they worked.

I didn't have a great dad and I figure that contributed to where I am now. I'm comfortable with myself but at the same time I'm terrified of other people thinking bad of me. I used to be overweight and didn't take care of myself and I still feel like I'm like that even while changing my habits for the better.

I feel as though I'm not as good as my peers all the while feeling like people are so petty around me. Whenever I meet someone I'd like to be around more, I just feel like talking to them would waste their time.
I can be socially competent and am not afraid of speaking with others, however I have always been asked: "Why are you so quiet?". One time I even met up with friends I met online and they described me as way quieter in person.
I'm sure a lot of you have felt similar things. I used to be on some forums a couple minutes ago and loved them because it was so much easier than talking in person. I want to experience that again.
So, hello!
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