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Originally Posted by freakingout View Post
Like I said I've been depressed lately. I've been dealing depression for off and on for over 13 years and things really don't seem to get be getting any better. I've tried exercise, nothing, depression meds nothing, basically nothing I've tried has worked. I'm not sure what to do or how to fix things and make things better.

Also as a general answer I can give an analogy. If you look at a simple life form such as a plant. When there is no rain or water provided to it you can see that it expresses it's need for water by having dry leaves etc.

Similarly when humans have a problem they also express their pain which you done in this post.

In addition to water, plants also need sunlight. So you can see their needs are multiple and in some ways complex. But the human being is much more complex than a plant.

From my experience I realised that my recovery was based on responding to my needs in healthy ways and these needs were multiple. For example:

* I logged mood changes, their reasons and whether they were positive or negative.
* I looked inside myself and made a list of my problems etc. Then I went through them slowly

* I had financial issues so I had to sort those out
* I needed to consult a professional that I was comfortable with to steer me in the right direction especially when I felt like I was stuck
* I personally like long walks in the sunlight so I did that and I would see that I felt calmer and the seriousness of my issues felt lighter. I felt more optimistic about solving them
* I had to resolve inner conflicts

So from what you can see above it was many things. I was actually pretty depressed but I recovered. I think it also helps to look at it as an exciting project or journey and give a positive vibe to it.

I hope that helps.
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