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Why can't people accept that just maybe the air force uses it to research and test various weapons? If the Air Force owns the property, they don't have to allow people in...especially if they are doing top secret military thangs there. If it were something really amazing and thrilling, you'd think somebody would have leaked info at some point. More realistically they are doing stuff that a) they don't want other countries or malcontents finding out about and/or b) is incredibly boring and uninteresting to the average person.

Also, although there is likely life somewhere out there in some distant land, there is zero chance of that life ever coming to 'visit' this planet.

Nobody is allowed in our server room at work. Does that mean we're doing crazy scientific experiments there? No...we just don't want people in there screwing stuff up. Let some old lady's snot-nosed misbehaved 3 year old in Area 51 for a tour, the brat sneaks away into a restricted area and presses a button and blows up the entire western U.S...

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