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Originally Posted by Suchness View Post
Might recognize me as one of the realest.
I don't doubt that, but Tupac i would put on the top of the totem pole as far as being "real." With the albums "Thug Life Vol. 1" and "Me Against the World" Tupac exemplified what it was like to grow up in tough ghetto violent and desperate surroundings. "Thug Life" which he had tattooed on his chest became his trademark, and rebellious (big word) and disenfranchised troubled youth all saw something in Tupac that represented their own struggle and hopelessness. Tupac sold over 100 million albums after his death, which is only second to Eminem in hip hop sales all time. Eminem has over 140 Million sold. But yes, Tupac represented realness more than anyone at least in the hip hop community, but i would grant you second place on that list.
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