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Originally Posted by Suchness View Post
Might recognize me as one of the realest.
I'm not positive that I do, but if your join date is correct I'd be leaving around the time you joined (or something like that...have we established how closely my memory resembles scrambled eggs?)
Originally Posted by Silent Memory View Post
Welcome back. I like your avatar.
Thanks! Would love to see the northern lights in person someday.
Originally Posted by millenniumman75 View Post
Welcome back!
Yeah, some of us are still here. My sun is still shining as bright as it was then.
It wouldn't be SAS without mm75!
Originally Posted by Scrub-Zero View Post

I remember you. Welcome back.
Originally Posted by InnerAnimal View Post
I think I remember seeing your username years ago, I think the last time I was active was around 2015-2016 with my old account, similar to you I got a new PC after my old one died, forgot my username and password, I also came back because of that dreaded monkey on our backs, welcome back.
I wasn't on here during those years, but something like 2007-2011 would have been the most active. Yeeeup, I know that makes it a bit of a stretch if I'm looking for old friends.

Anyway, thanks - best of luck on shaking that monkey off. <--Which definitely sounds like innuendo.

I'll see myself out.
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