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If you're interested in getting feedback one day, I highly suggest joining a writing club of sorts. It can be highly beneficial having unbiased strangers reading your writing, compared to showing it to family and friends who may say it only "Sounds great" to not make you feel bad or because they aren't as qualified.

It's good that you're reading. The more you read, the better of a writer you'll become. Try using prompt generators online if you're struggling with an idea and if you're interested in doing something impromptu.

Don't focus on getting an audience off the bat, as the industry is heavily saturated and even online sites where people share their work for free like ArchiveofOurOwn can just be a huge popularity contest. I've found new writers tend to get hugely overshadowed there by older users who already have large followings, have submitted over a 100 works, and etc. That can be a huge blow to your confidence, but it doesn't mean it'll be because you're less better of a writer.

Remember to enjoy yourself first, before anything. I'm personally not that interested in exposure at all anymore, as I mostly just write for myself. It has helped ease off my self-consciousness and insecurity about my writing, since I don't feel forced to expose my work and only post it when I'd like to.

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