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Originally Posted by SorryForMyEnglish View Post
It was my last session so hopefully it continues to be this way because only that will help me to progress. I only had about 3-5 sessions like this in total. Other ones were just me saying lots of stuff at once briefly and superficially without any emotional attachment to it and ''I don't know''s and etc And I've been in therapy for almost two years now. I don't have sessions as often as it would probably be better for me though (I have them twice a month). But so does almost everyone else. And just like what Catechumen said, lots of people who also need it so badly and even more than me can't afford it at all so I'm very lucky so far.

Good luck moving forward with your therapy! It can be REALLY hard trusting a therapist and it can take a lot of time and work but it sounds like you are getting somewhere. I think just sitting and venting can get stale pretty quick. I think to date the best session I had was when my therapist asked me how I thought the session went and I replied "A complete waste of time" I apologised for saying it as I avoid conflict but it broke me out of the pattern that I was in and challenged things a little.

But in all honesty, last session was a couple of days ago and I had notes in my pocket but I didn't get them out. Old habits are hard to break.
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