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Lol I just remembered this film again, this part freaked me out as a child although my memory of it all is a bit wrong:

Someone in the comments of this video said they watched it at the theatre and tons of people had to leave because their kids were crying lol:

I saw this in theaters when it was released in 1985. When the headless girls began to scream and Mombi chases Dorothy, people we're getting up and leaving, especially the ones who had little kids with them who started crying. It was a total flop, because it was considered too dark and wasn't like the 1939 film people expected. Sadly, after that people just forgot about it. I think it was a good film, just ahead of it's time that's all. Still better than Oz the Great and Powerful!
This bit was also better in my memory (though tbf this is also super low resolution crappy quality.)

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