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Originally Posted by WillYouStopDave View Post
Oh, it isn't that guys don't like that. I just think most guys probably thought the female Vulcans were sexy. Even if it seems to be really contrary to what men expect in a woman.

Interesting observation. Maybe that's got a lot to do with why I find it appealing.

Good point.

Probably not. But lots of things that are not normally thought of as appealing are often still passably appealing when it manifests in a reasonably attractive female (whereas they generally wouldn't be in a male). I'm trying to come up with an example but I can't right now. It's there. Somewhere but I usually can't find examples when I need them.

I think that often men are judged in such a way that any little thing that seems even slightly off is going to be a substantial hit. Just different expectations, I guess. Women can be more than a bit weird and still be socially accepted. Though it depends on her willingness/ability to conceal certain things when necessary.

EDIT- I meant to add that there is a kind of weird zone for men who are super nerdy where other people will overlook their more bizarre behavioral quirks.
Yeah I mean it's difficult to compare in general because it depends on the context.

In some ways being a weird guy is more tolerated because there are more weird guys than there are weird girls, so you can probably find some other weird guys in real life in many cases and hang out with them. For girls being able to socialise well is considered very important as is keeping up with trends and appearance related stuff so when you have a disorder that often impacts that (like autism,) you will really struggle. This is also probably why women with autism become more adept at masking as a survival thing. Especially after puberty that's when things get a lot worse. And subcultures for weird people usually skew male, although you can find female skewed ones online at least like fanfiction is mostly a nerdy female thing, and so is the true crime community and.. The Sims community (used to be anyway, on livejournal and modthesims etc,) deviantart, livejournal, and most of the website tumblr really when it comes to younger people, besides the LGBT parts, though there's overlap.

But on the other hand you'll usually face more physical violence if you're a weird guy, and you'll probably be seen as less attractive. If you're a girl you can compensate with physical appearance somewhat. Although as I said, if you have weird body language people will still notice and point it out, as has happened to me a bunch of times.

edit: A really great example of this is April Ludgate/Aubrey Plaza:

Very physically attractive so she gets away with her peculiarities. She was hired for the role of April because she was pretty similar to the character in real life. Though I think in media stuff she comes across less strangely/awkwardly more recently probably due to practice.

Then notice how her friend is treated by Leslie who is sort of a male April but a bit less sociable:

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