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I think I have elevated autism traits, and the people who know me often describe me as having a weird, androgynous brain, more logical than they're used to in women apparently. Communication wise I'm pretty socially anxious and inhibited so I can be pretty reticent, and also even though I'm vigilant for making social errors, I'm also inattentive in other ways, like I hardly pay attention to people's names because on some level I'm not very interested. I am interested in sussing people's personalities out though but that might be more because I like predicting what they'll do rather than a bonding thing. I also think I have mild face blindness which is related to autism and just makes things harder. It's not straight forward though because I'm not really cold, nor mechanical, nor unfeminine. I'm still interested in grooming, looking feminine (but not over the top because I'm not interested in things like high heels or much make up), and nurturing though I am more nurturing with partners / animals, don't want human children for various reasons.
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