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Buzz Aldrin had Depression

Astronaut and second man on the Moon Buzz Aldrin came down with clinical depression after the Moon Landing.
His Grandfather commited suicide, and his own Mother took her life when she heard Buzz was selected for the Apollo program. His best friend - Ed White - was tragically burned alive in the Apollo 1 accident. His Father was a difficult act to live up to.

Also, the Nixon government pre-recorded a condolence message in the event that they did not safely return - such was their faith in the space program - Buzz was not impressed when he found out - resigning from NASA and the USAF a few years later.
Turning to alcohol, Buzz quickly spiralled into a sad state before he admitted that he needed help.

Fortunately, which is testament to the character of the man, he was able to claw himself back to a meaningful existence and is now a successful Space ambassador and author and still working at 89 years old!
Surely, this gives hope to anyone of us with Mental Health issues that there is always hope!

After Buzz and Neil Armstrong were back in the lunar module and preparing to leave the Moon, Buzz discovered the Descent / Launch arm switch was broken off! He had to fix it using his felt tip pen after ground control did not have a solution! Try not getting PTSD after that one!

Recently, President Trump called Buzz and fellow Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins, both 89 years old, into the Oval office for a crowded, meeting about the Space program and makes them stand up for over an hour, while he sits down - poor guys!

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