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premier! LUCK only

buried into grave by billions of random NULL meaningless opinions: YOU/YOOOO/ U U U U CAN'T get/do/have anything except suffer hatred

born today!

anyone age 16 or later get nothing. kicked perilously into gutter

who learns/know more/best?

50 years of experience or -1 amount knowledgeless

this world 100,000,000,000,000,000% IMMMATTUURE!!!! uh

single-celled brains. uh again. uh WWOORRRLD OF CHILLDRENNNNNNNNNN!!! infants. scream, make noise & output brown misery anyone born after 1980 never got educated how use human language. everone gave up teaching. all the most foolish win
make everything pretty? no other aspects. use that most ugly thing: VÝice
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