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I forgot about this YouTuber. I used to watch her videos in 2012/2013~

She used to say Stay Awesome Gotham at the end of every video which is the best video ending hah, but I guess she doesn't do that now for demonetisation reasons?

Also just went through her videos and found this one lol:

I feel like only a couple of people made 360 videos when that came out and then basically abandoned it. Probably because it doesn't work on many devices.

Like this trailer because it uses an MSI track (MSI makes everything awesome, but also her outfit is cool and Mike Diva's stuff. He worked on some stuff for MSI too actually. And another project by the lead singer of MSI):

And she makes music now too? Pretty good.

But also that MSI song is great from the other trailer (all entertainment posts lead back to MSI):

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