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Originally Posted by lily View Post
What would you consider is a meaningful conversation?
I guess that a meaningful conversation is one which has an emotional kick to it.

It could be some fact or idea or belief or value that I can relate to other things that I know or believe, because I find that sort of thrilling. But my interests are narrow and arcane.

It could be something kind that they say or do for someone else or for me. I remember some kind acts that I witness for many years. Like 40 years ago, I saw a cop stop traffic to let a schoolboy cross. When the kid got to the other side, he thoughtfully turned smiled and waved a thank you at the policeman. I feel good every time I recall that scene. A thoughtful person is interesting.

I find people who are afflicted with physical or mental problems more approachable, and am interested in finding out if there is a way I can think of to show them some kindness, and perhaps bring a smile into their day.

I find people who are shy, reticent, anxious, or in some way 'needy' interesting, because it seems that they are easier to please, with my feeble efforts.

At the bottom of it, I think my social problems stem from a general distrust of people though. I don't see that as a personal failure, however, just a result of my life's experience. But what does one look for in a person, to gauge how much one should trust them? Or do you just have to step off the cliff and take a chance to determine if someone is trustworthy?

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