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i'm mostly interested in other ruined and needy people.

ruined: they can't judge me too much and i wont judge them so much either

needy: i have a use to them which doesn't involve small talk

weird fringe people, because they're ruined by normal people's judgement, and needy because they're a minority.

people that are ok (mentally, physically, socially) but not vegan environmentalist wonderpeople are 99% likely to disgust me. and everyday things - eating is kind of disgusting. bodies. mouth noises. stupid comments. if they let every stupid thing in their head out, i can't really handle it unless i really like them already.

they need to be optional too. i need to choose them, not be forced to be around them. if i kind of look down on them while also kind of respecting them, that's safe. it helps when they're quiet people, the less they say while i'm getting to know them the less likely i am to start avoiding them. but they have to say something... we need something in common. etc.

not many people understand that i'm spending time with them or that i like them... because they expect me to talk to them. i go to meetups and start to like people but to them nothing is happening, or worse, they think i'm not talking to them because i don't like them. i take too long for them. they need patience if they're going to get to know me.

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