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I'm kind of picky I suppose. If someone is too perfect- too good looking, too smart, too funny, has a wonderful family, wonderful boyfriend/girlfriend, makes good money, has their whole life together etc. they won't interest me or I will be too jealous. I don't like irritating, simplistic people, or complete, total messes either. They need to be relatively open. "Private" people don't interest me. If they keep all sorts of stuff hidden and secret then I won't care to know them.

I like people who are relatively intelligent, quirky, have some faults, have interesting opinions. Kind of thinking of the woman I met at the meetup in NYC. She was pretty opinionated but not mean or nasty. Very smart but had troubles in her career and in her love life. Relatively open about things in her life. When she spoke I was interested in what she had to say. A lot of people bore me or irritate me but not her. She intrigued me.
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