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Me too...

I'm not suited to fast paced work unless I've been trained/know everything about that specific field/job. The times I've had to work in hospitality in several different venues was the worse. Each was very different but they all expected you to have trade-off skills from previous jobs which I didn't feel like I had since every one of those places was so different from each other.

They'd expect you to know where everything is/learn super fast without instruction on the first day and get frustrated if you were too slow... this one guy (management) at one place was biased towards female workers but claimed how everyone was family blahblahblah, and at another place I've been automatically disliked because of my quiet nature while washing dishes...

Some people just aren't suited towards fast-paced work especially if you have to learn on the go... I think people could cope with proper training and knowledge however but they don't get that during employment, small businesses (naturally) want you to be fast straight away (so they save money in hiring) which only some people can do off the bat.

I think the survivability also depends on other factors outside of your control as well, how well you're received by the majority/forgiveness from superiors or co-workers for mistakes + if they like your personality. Bias does really help honestly... at one of the places (although I had bad experiences there too), quite a few of the customers were very paternal/maternal and tipped me and even complimented my smile lol which is odd because one side of my teeth is flawed.

So I guess if you're slow, the only way to survive is if they like you/forgive you a lot x)

Sorry I know this doesn't help much...

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