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Originally Posted by Unforgiven17 View Post
You sound like me. Maths was something a had to really concentrate on to be good at. Ironically I became a maths teacher.

Before that I studied marine biology and now I'm a podiatrist. In some ways its good been able to pick everything up quickly but it leaves so many options and its hard to choose just one. Or you constantly question if you have done the right thing.

I know I could have gotten an easy job that pays well, particularly been good at maths but I want to enjoy work. I don't want to spend my life doing something just for money. I loved marine biology and could have become a researcher/lecturer but anxiety killed that dream due to personal stuff I had to leave and left it too long to return.

You will find your way, try things, if they don't work out then don't beat yourself up about it!

My main achievement in life is having a family (thought anxiety would mean I was alone for ever), once I realised that I stopped worrying too much about the other stuff.

Follow your heart and see where it takes you.
I probably will skip this uni year as well and go for something else,because even if i'm not satisfied with let's say getting a science degree i always could go back and do art.But if i study art and decide that it's not for me i would be kinda screwed up.
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