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Lost in life

So as a every 20 year old i'm kinda lost in life.Little info about me:I'm a 20 years old guy from a small eastern european town. I've lived there for the most of my life. When i was a kid i was really into science and wanted to become a scientist when i grow up. i was fascinated by space and the planets.I loved geology and chemistry.My grades in school were great (with almost no studying, i was studying stuff on my own so i was always ahead of the school material) and overall i was very strong student.At that time i was very introverted kid and actually didn't care about art at all. Everything was focused on learning new science related stuff

Then math slowly started getting in. At first i was doing as good as the other subjects , but slowly (because of the bad teaching system and me being lazy to try to study in depth,because everything else was coming to me very easy) my math grades started dropping . At that time i was going in high school and i hated everything.The way subjects are taught ,the way students behaved in class. At that time i started drawing ,because i wanted to kill some time and overall stopped paying any attention in school/.(my grades still were pretty nice).Some time passed and 12th grade arrived. People started talking about university and of course i wasn't prepared at all.I had very little time to decide.At that time the only thing i had remote interest was drawing so i went to study graphic design in the capital city,which i hated even more than high school and i dropped after a semester and a half. Then i started working part time and going to art lessons to prepare myself to enter the national art academy.The exams were last week and i'm accepted.And honestly i don't care anymore about drawing.For the time that i've been an "artist" all i've done are study drawing.I don't even have one finished piece that i'm somewhat satisfied with.Also i feel that my brain in slowly degrading day after day

So basically a part of my younger self is coming back and clashing with my current personality and i'm getting very frustrated and confused.I feel that probably i want to do something that is creative ,but also science heavy ,but have no clue what
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