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Reality is an illusion. I actually said that waaay back, when I was just a kid, and it blew my teacher's mind, she was all like "How did you know that!" I was just as nutty back then, as I am now I suppose. I used to have a print out of it, complete with a sun in the horizon, I spelled reality as realty though, which my oldest brother pointed out a few years later when he saw it hanging from my closet. I took it down shortly after that. I wish I still had it though, it looked pretty cool, I created it on an old Apple 2e computer, and it was printed out on a dot matrix printer, I thought it was pretty sweet.

I later found out that is what Einstein said, perhaps I heard him say it at one point, and just repeated it. I don't think so, because I was pretty young. Back then, i was really into dungeons and dragons, so the fantasy life had already begun, so it would have made sense for me to make that connection.

I still hold that statement to be valid, reality is an illusion, it really is, what we experience is just a simulation built in our meat computers It is likewise, incredibly distorted by our biases, upbringing, and all sorts of things.

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