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Utter $h!%^. Like a cross between the movie Groundhog Day and the 80s American sitcom Married With Children, except more depressing and an over abundance of expletives. Not saying that as a joke, either...

Typical dysfunctional family crap. Having to listen to constant petty, stupid arguments. And Iím left dealing with the aftermath. Always, every time. No-one seem to care or take any notice of the toll it all takes on me, having to just tolerate it all. Depressed? Suicidal? Me? Nah! Iím just faking that for attention... apparently.

Donít spare a thought for the poor [email protected]$%@_^ who grew up the male in a household of angry wimmin. But then what da f__k has being told yer useless most oí yer life gotta do with self-esteem? Nuthiní of course! Cuz men huvínae got any emotions, huv they?

Music is my only true friend, as corny as that sounds, but itís true. Even though I feel I should just give up playing my guitar, because itís the cathartic release it used to be. Since ah donít feel any better in myself for having spent 2 hours playing it.

Or, to put it another way: Iím surround by people who Iím forced to pretend I like being with whenever Christmas rolls around.
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