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I used the gym shower for the first time

So last night, I went to the gym and was going to dinner with a friend afterward. So I decided to use the shower at gym, which I've never done, and I brought a towel and bodywash. I don't know if I can call it a triumph over SA though. Because the gym showers are actually pretty nice as far as privacy. They're all separate stalls with curtains and I think there's about 6-8 of them. Each has the shower itself and then in front of it is another stall with a curtain where you can change and hang up your towel or clothes so they don't get wet in the shower part.

Plus, I notice that at least when I go, very few people use the showers. So I actually might start doing this more often, because then I'm not all sweaty when I get in my car, and I don't have to shower when I get home. The only thing is I have to put my towel up to dry when I get home so it doesn't get mildew in my bag. Plus I'll need to carry some flip flops to walk in.

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