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Originally Posted by Persephone The Dread View Post
Portraying Pocahontas as a white women isn't the same as portraying the little mermaid as a black woman though, since Pocahontas was a real person, and her ethnic background is important to the role.

I'm not sure why you keep using examples where ethnicity is important and that were based on historically real people like Mulan and Pocahontas, and then compare them to fictional mythological figures..

Black Zeus I can't say I care about much. I bet Idris Elba would do a decent job with that role.

Do you see any non-white people in the main cast of the TV series Vikings? No? Exactly.

Also you're kind of missing the point here, as long as the end result works I don't really care either way. I think I'd only care if it was a character who I was attracted to, based partly on their appearance, and then they changed it to be very different but that's just disappointment on loosing out on eye candy and I'm not really that entitled. I'm used to not having movies appeal to me lol.

Like if they rebooted LoTR or the Hobbit films and all of the elves were big burly looking people with huge muscles, that would be disapoint.son.jpg, or if they made a film about faeries and they were all super masculine looking. You see, I only care about vain/shallow **** like that.
Originally Posted by Morpheus View Post
This stuff doesn't matter. If you are over the age of 12 and you have an opinion about Little Mermaid casting, you are not very mature for your age.
Originally Posted by D'avjo View Post

Only a moron would give a **** what she is
If it is so inconsequential as you all put it why is it that when a fictionally non-white character is portrayed as white...THEN everybody calls it racist.

Remember Avatar the last airbender ? Set in a completely fictional world...yet the Asian community was upset because they felt underrepresented and white-washed ???
Nobody called those protesters immature or racist.

I get it....its against the narrative to complain about we all must celebrate it.

I even quoted a video here where a woman basically says white-washing is racist but black-washing is ok because we are underrepresented.

That is wrong ! That is the equivalent of saying it is Ok to descriminate against boys in school because women have been historically oppressed.

Its not just a piece of fiction. Entertainment affects society. The minstrel shows of the past were condoning of racism.
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