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Makes me think of A Wrinkle in Time a year or so back, another big budget film from Disney that made a big deal of the diversity of its crew and cast. It was a massive failure, earning $130 million on a $100 million budget, when it needed $400 million to turn a profit. I'm not sure if the race switching rubbed people the wrong way, but it seems to be a common theme in reviews. Some would probably say that the filmmakers were too focused on being "woke" and forgot to make a good film. My theory on one of the causes is that it wasn't really a problem with "blackwashing" per se, but in the interest of diversity they hired the wrong folks. The director had no experience with either films in the genre, or the budget range. Shouldn't be a problem with this one, as both the director and writer are quite experienced in both those criteria.

It's a cartoon adaptation entirely rooted in fantasy so it doesn't seem like a big deal nor was it in Dr. Who. Now if they cast Idris Elba or a woman as James Bond, a character who is noted to be a white man, that would be kind of lame. Not as lame as the rumoured Jamie Bell though. He looks like a total ***** and isn't convincing as a tough, gritty, arrogant womanizer. Maybe I can't shake Billy Elliott.
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