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Originally Posted by Persephone The Dread View Post
I can understand it bothering people if it's a character who has an aesthetic somewhere else that people really like, but generally I don't really care. Besides lots of minority characters are played by white actors.

To be clear though it is lazy and it's because Hollywood aren't really interested in taking real risks/writing new scripts. There are mermaids in various African cultures and they could write a story based on that.

Oh another thing is that original story is really dark and depressing but Disney are never going to make that version so it doesn't really matter lol. All of the Danish merfolk stories are depressing.
To be I want the violent 19th centre horror story ? Not really. But that still doesn't mean that a Danish should be portrayed by people who don't at least look Danish.

Someone else posted a video where this man is basically saying that the race thing is a non- issue because it is unimportant to the plot.

I'm just trying to be fair to white folk and not be a hypocrit about it. I dislike the idea of white Jesus as much as the next guy...but that doesn't mean I want a Hercules movie with a black Hercules knowing fully well its based on greek mythology.

All I am saying is...if we can agree that "The last Airbender" was white washed, as with Gods of Egypt, Moses and a whole bunch of other stories based on non-white myths.

Let's not go the other way and racebend culturally white stories for "diversity"

If Hollywood wants cultural some research and produce a movie based on African myths, like the Jumbie, La Ja Bless, Soucouyant etc....

What they are doing here is not diversity, its tokenism.
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