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It's definitely liberalism: Hollywood's "affirmative action". But, the way I see it, let them sink themselves like what happened with that all-female "ghostbusters". The box office trend is heading downwards anyway. Let them pat themselves on the back while riding on a sinking ship.

on the other hand: hey, maybe it'll be a good movie, and the actress will have a good performance. let's hope. It would be a welcome change from black women only being lauded for their performances as slaves, servants, inner-city youth, or resistance fighters. It would be fantastic if this actress hit it out of the park as a princess.

As for minorities in general not being in movies originally written by minorities, I'm pretty sure it's all politics. producers need to make money with youthful marketable names (otherwise Charlton Heston would be in every movie if it were just about pure acting talent); there may only be a tiny shortlist of minority actors in the portfolio of the preferred agency [you know, the one that offered the largest bribe] and they didn't have any that fit the bill. I always wondered why Asian-themed hollywood films never hired seasoned actors from Hong Kong, or Japan, for their movies (or why hispanic movies seem to have the same actors over and over: Jimmy Smits, Cheech Marin, Rosie Perez, J-Lo), and I figure it has to do with the union. Actors from Japan, Argentina, Germany, etc. probably don't belong, and therefore won't appear in hollywood movies. so you got what you got. Kind of a bummer.

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