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Originally Posted by A Toxic Butterfly View Post
Not really talked into, but once in my life I had gotten into it with another girl. I'm embarrassed to even talk about it because it's a pretty low point, and I'm not really a fighter type of person, like at all. I was about sixteen years old, and was walking to the bus area with my sister after school. I don't know if I'd had a particularly bad day or what, but this annoying, mouthy girl and her friend were walking behind us. I could tell she was getting irritated and was walking REALLY close behind me. We stopped because we came up to our bus, and were trying to get on it when she grabbed me by the back of my hair (it was clipped up) and slammed it forward, digging the hair clip into my skin. It hurt SO bad, and the hair follicles are super sensitive on my head, and I think the pain alone kind of had something in me snap. I just remember turning around and fuming, and instead of asking what was her problem, I just...grabbed her. I don't remember move-for-move because I honestly was just so mad, and she was hurting me and I was hurting her. I slammed her a couple times on the ground, and then some teachers pulled us apart. My head was bleeding a little bit from the stupid hair clip, and we both got in trouble. I remember having to pick up trash and getting in school suspension.

It was really dumb, and embarrassing. As for why the girl just attacked me, she said I "cut her off" and was "walking really slow" like it was on purpose or something, in front of her and her friend. Crazy. I just avoid people if they seem confrontational, and don't see myself doing that again unless I really had to in some kind of self defense scenario, not that I'd be any good at it
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