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Originally Posted by Suchness View Post
"He regularly took on people in street fights every day because anyone who beat him were offered movie contracts", lol where do you come up with this stuff? Bruce came to a point in his life where he didn't feel the need to prove himself to anyone, that's where the art of fighting without fighting came from.
The link of that video proves nothing. That is a scene from Enter the Dragon. If you had any clue about Bruce Lee in any way whatsoever, you would know that Bruce made a video to get exposure while he was teaching martial arts in a school in San Francisco, and in the short interview, he explained "the art of fighting without fighting" and talked about fluidity of movement. He was TALKING ABOUT MARTIAL ARTS and countering attacks as opposed to leaving himself open. Bruce was primarily a MARTIAL ARTIST not a pacifist so everything he said was mainly about martial arts, and he was a philosopher second. The video you showed does not prove your ridiculous point. Why dont you look on youtube and find the video of him explaining "the art of fighting without fighting" it is 100% about martial arts and that was HIS MARTIAL ARTS STYLE HE CREATED, and was another term he used for JEET KUN DO, which is a STYLE HE CREATED which combined Thai kickboxing, american boxing, judo and other forms. GET A CLUE. I love how you also say "when I learned to fight" Please I bet you have pathetic skills, people who know how to fight rarely announce that they do know how to. Generally if you can fight you would have no need to announce it
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